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Cranes on the Rio Grande
For thousands of years Sandhill cranes have migrated up and down the Rio Grande. Like so many other species, these Sandhill Cranes depend on the Rio Grande for their survival.
Buckman Project
The Rio Grande Return, along with the New Mexico Wildlife Federation, is presently initiating a planning process to create a recreational and educational area at the Buckman site along the Rio Grande. We have contracted with SWCA environmental consultants to implement the planning process. For more information on SWCA consultants, visit

The Buckman area is a valuable resource to the citizens of the city and county of Santa Fe. It is uniquely important as one of the few public access points to the Rio Grande, which is in turn the living connection with the natural, and cultural history of New Mexico. For millennia, the Rio has been the home and major migratory corridor for a diverse number of plant and animal species. For many centuries this has been the sacred home to the Pueblo Indians whose rich culture has been informed by an intimate connection to this river and the landscape surrounding it. The Rio Grande is also the historic route used by the Spanish to access and colonize the "new" Mexico.

The Rio Grande Return & New Mexico Wildlife Federation are willing to provide the necessary support in instituting and completing a planning process that will complement the Buckman Direct Diversion by helping restore and develop the educational and recreational aspects of the Buckman area. The issues we hope to address in the planning process include, but are not limited to:
  • Restrooms
  • Parking
  • Picnic Areas
  • Signage
  • Trails
  • Clean up and habitat restoration
  • Monitoring
  • Enforcement/Security
  • Activities and Management
Public and Agency Involvement
The Rio Grande Return and the New Mexico Wildlife Federation are contracting with SWCA consultants to facilitate a collaborative planning process for board members of the BDD, directors and staff from the Federal and State resource agencies, San Ildefonso Pueblo, City, County, Las Campanas and other interested NGO’s. They will also create opportunities to invite public participation in the planning process.
Hiking along the old Chile Line
Hiking along the old Chile Line  Enlarge Photo

Diablo Canyon
Diablo Canyon  Enlarge Photo

Looking towards Buckman from Caja del Rio
Looking towards Buckman from Caja del Rio  Enlarge Photo

El Rio Grande
El Rio Grande  Enlarge Photo

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