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Cranes on the Rio Grande
For thousands of years Sandhill cranes have migrated up and down the Rio Grande. Like so many other species, these Sandhill Cranes depend on the Rio Grande for their survival.
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THE MISSION of The Quivira Coalition is to build resilience by fostering ecological, economic and social health on western landscapes through education, innovation, collaboration, and progressive public and private land stewardship. For more, visit:

Comanche Creek is located within the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant in the de Cristo Mountains of north central New Mexico. Comanche Creek is a tributary to Rio Costilla within the Upper Grande watershed and contributes 27,430 acres or 43 square miles to the Costilla Watershed. The headwaters of Comanche Creek lie at an elevation of roughly 10,400 feet. It flows north for 11.80 miles to empty into the Costilla at an elevation of 8,940 feet.

THE ENTIRE COMANCHE CREEK WATERSHED lies within the Valle Vidal Management Unit of Carson National Forest. These lands were part of the Pennzoil 1982 donation of 100,000 acres of its Vermejo Park Ranch property to the USDA Forest Service. The area has a long history of grazing, mining, and logging. activities left the uplands, Comanche Creek, and its tributaries in a highly degraded state.

THE GOAL of this Comanche Creek Habitat Restoration Project is to improve the condition of the Comanche Creek watershed to meet current water quality standards and to restore normal hydrologic function to Comanche Creek and its tributaries while improving habitat for the Rio Grande cutthroat trout (RGCT), other native fish and aquatic species; and for terrestrial wildlife. This goal is being achieved through collaboration, on the ground restoration treatments, education & outreach, and mapping & monitoring.

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Putting up fencing to protect the riparian area from grazing
Putting up fencing to protect the riparian area from grazing  Enlarge Photo

Volunteers helping restore Comanche Creek
Volunteers helping restore Comanche Creek  Enlarge Photo

Bill Zeedyk explains how a post vane protects an eroding bank
Bill Zeedyk explains how a post vane protects an eroding bank  Enlarge Photo

Volunteers installing a post vane
Volunteers installing a post vane  Enlarge Photo

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