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Cranes on the Rio Grande
For thousands of years Sandhill cranes have migrated up and down the Rio Grande. Like so many other species, these Sandhill Cranes depend on the Rio Grande for their survival.
Farmers and Producers
Tom Rohrkaste
La Puebla Elementals, Stanley/Rowe, NM

Tom Rohrkaste has had a love affair with the natural world for just about all his life. The fine herbal products of La Puebla Elementals, produced at this small farm on the Stanley/Rowe mesa, are a natural outgrowth of that love. Says Tom, "all life at the farm is appreciated and acknowledged for its participation in the creation of every product. When I can't grow it on my farm, friends allow me to do plantings on their farms in other ecosystems."

Tom recognizes that all of nature is interrelated. For the past 33 years he has been a beekeeper. He's been researching and making herbal products since childhood, which has now culminated as La Puebla Elementals.

His biology degree put him in the University of Illinois lab for a while, but the wide world was calling and he subsequently studied traditional healing wisdom with a variety of teachers including a Santa Clara elder, curanderas and other native healers. These experiences have allowed him to "mix the conventional with the unconventional" for a series of products with outstanding healing qualities.

All plant material whether grown on the farm, from plantings at other sites or sustainably wild-crafted, is processed at the Rowe farm with meticulous standards. "My overall philosophy has been to invite and respect the consciousness behind the natural world. I've always believed in the power of synergy. That is to say, the sum of the parts working together is greater than the sum of the parts working separately." At the instruction of a Santa Clara Elder, Tom blesses all past, present, and future generations of each plant he works with. He says, "When gratitude is freely given to Nature, an amazing opening takes place that words cannot express!"
Preparing Evening Primrose
Preparing Evening Primrose

Picking Elderberry
Picking Elderberry

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