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Riparian restoration through revegetative efforts, removal of invasive vegetation, and in-stream installations.

Habitat Conservation

Native plant propagation and conversion of agricultural fields into wildlife habitat.

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NMDA’s Healthy Soil Program grant helps state’s most urban SWCD

In partnership with the City of Albuquerque’s Open Space Division and Ciudad Soil & Water Conservation District we’ve implemented a long term project at Candelaria Nature Preserve. The scope of this project is to regenerate this once upon a time alfalfa farm back into its historical makeup of wetlands, riparian vegetation, and a mix of upland grasses and shrubs supporting a diversity of wildlife. This project wouldn’t be possible without our partners, volunteers, and the generous grant from NMDA’s Healthy Soil Program. Read all about it here in the latest blog post by Isabelle Jenniches and be sure to watch the beautiful video commissioned by the NMDA.

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