State Land Office: Rio Grande Bosque

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Past Projects, Restoration Projects

Bernalillo County, NM


This extraction of non-native trees is a continuation of previous years of restoration efforts along the west side of the Rio Grande in Albuquerque aimed at removing non-native species, restoring native vegetation, and increasing ecosystem resilience to fire disturbance, flood, disease, and other climate change related impacts.

Using an excavator, we removed salt cedar, Russian olive, Siberian elm, and other non-native vegetation from 2 acres and retreated 20 acres, extracting resprouting trees. Trees were limbed, bucked into rounds, chipped, and distributed as mulch within the disturbed area. Stumps were extracted and left aboveground to provide habitat for wildlife. Additionally, we chipped piles of material over 4 acres that had been staged in a previous removal project.

Work was completed in partnership with the NM State Land Office.

Before and after removing resprouting Siberian elm